1432766598Owner/Principle Instructor
Ken Dietiker

Ken Dietiker is an internationally recognized instructor and interpreter of Historical European Martial Arts using a modernized, reality based approach of Late-Medieval Combat Arts. Ken is a veteran of the US Army, retiring after 20 years of service. Though he initially studied Asian Martial Arts, (Kenpo, Hapkido, Tai Chi, Paying Mantis KungFu), he missed learning about the swordsmanship of his European roots!! Fortunately, he discovered HEMA in 1998 (before it was even known by HEMA) and suddenly a childhood dream came true.

Ken opened his first Training Hall, an actual school location in Lakewood, Washington (a suburb of Tacoma) in March of 2014, naming it the “Seven Swords Academy”. In 2017, the Academy moved to its current location in South Tacoma, on South Washington Street.

Since the beginning of his journey, Ken has taken a serious interest in helping recreate the lost arts found in the medieval sources of HEMA, using experience and knowledge of modern warfare, practical martial application, comparative analysis,and fundamentals of movement and mechanics, to develop a more comprehensive modern application of Medieval Self-Defense. This holistic approach to practical application of historical sources has lead to Ken’s distinctive approach to the Art and Science that is HEMA, and and is intended to correct misconceptions, reason what you wish to do, study and learn, and improve every aspect of modern practice.


Assistant Instructors
1. Ryan Kolick




2. Abby Yang