1-9-2017smallAdult Classes:

Adults at Seven Swords are generally considered to ages 14 up.

Youth & Family Classes:

Youth at Seven Swords are generally considered to be children from the ages of 9 to 13.

The reason for this is that this is a weapon-centric martial art and a certain amount of physical maturity and contextual awareness is expected in the potential student, unlike a lower requirement for hand-to-hand only training (such as Karate). If your student is younger than 9 year of age, but you feel he or she is physically competent to begin training with a Longsword, then please bring your child in to meet with the staff and a determination will be made after observation. (not a guarantee). Additionally, if your student is around 15 and size/weight appropriate, with demonstration of weapons control, he or she may be bumped up to the Adult classes (on your approval) as we consider 15-16 years of age to be physically competent enough to work with adults.

Enrolling in classes

Beginner’s Classes last for a month, and run twice weekly, either Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday (comes to 8 sessions). There is a optional makeup class on Saturdays at 10am if you miss a class. After your beginner’s month concludes you will become a novice, and may come as many times a month as you wish at the regular class rate.

The Seven Swords Academy is a school of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) and Swordsmanship.

Students will learn Medieval martial techniques from the masters of the Middle Ages handed down to us today through their writings in Textual Treatise and Illustrated Manuals, adapted and Translated/Interpreted for modern users. Students will learn HEMA as primarily a martial discipline and secondly as a competitive sport. They will learn the art of the sword while building physical fitness, agility, defensive skills, mental focus, self-discipline, and self-confidence. Our facility has a large indoor training area, floor mats for falling-safety, a changing room, an observation lounge, and a library. Contact us today to enroll.

To come in for your first free class, as well as the first Introductory Month, you will need:

  1. Yourself
  2. Sneakers (Non-marking please)
  3. Athletic wear.

Though beginners are provided all of the equipment needed to start, as time goes by and you get more involved with sparring, you will need more protective gear. We will provide students with low-cost resources with a priority list (not everything is required at the same time) to make your purchasing choices more convenient.

Eventually, at minimum, you will need to acquire the following kit:

  1. Gambeson
  2. Gorget
  3. Helmet w/ Back of Head protection
  4. Hand Protection e.g. Hardened Lacross Gloves
  5. Knee Protection
  6. Elbow Protection
  7. A Synthetic Sword

You do not need to purchase anything immediately. The list above is for your reference to future needs.


Tuition Options
Regular Individual Monthly Fee $125.00 USD
Beginner’s Block (1st Month Only) $100.00 USD
One-time Drop-in $20.00 USD

Regular w/ 10% Military/Student Discount $115.00 USD
Regular Monthly Fee w/ 1 Family Member $225.00 USD
Regular Monthly Fee w/ 2 Family Member $325.00 USD

Add 9.6% sales tax to all charges.